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Putting water on tap in Cambodia

Our local brewery, Cambrew Ltd, has partnered with TapEffect to bring safe drinking water to thousands of Cambodians in need.

Pursat, Cambodia. Around four in five people lack essential access to safely managed water in rural Cambodia (Source: WHO/Unicef). Cambrew Ltd, our local Cambodian brewery, has partnered with social enterprise TapEffect to bring safe drinking water to thousands of Cambodians.

TapEffect is working with communities in a remote rural area of Pursat province to establish a new water supply and associated infrastructure that will provide 6,800 people with access to potable water straight from the tap in homes, schools, referral hospitals and businesses.

"Inspired by our purpose of brewing for a better today and tomorrow and through our Together Towards ZERO and Beyond programme, we are committed to developing partnerships that help protect and replenish the water supplies we share with communities. Working with TapEffect, we will help local communities in a water-stressed area of Cambodia access clean water and create a sustainable solution to meet their needs."

- Vladimir Vava, Managing Director, Cambrew Ltd



By 2025, the project is expected to deliver 7 million litres of water per month, yielding around 25% of the water needed to replenish consumption at our brewery in Sihanoukville. The system is expected to operate for more than 20 years.



The holistic project will include:

  • New reservoir
  • Treatment plant
  • Clean storage facility
  • Pumping system
  • Over 50 km of pipework




"Bringing piped water to rural populations in hard-to-reach areas can be very challenging and access to finance is key. We are happy to team up with Carlsberg as our partner on this ambitious project to deliver clean water to households in Pursat province. Access to safe water is one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in its own right and supports several others – from good health and quality education to gender equality."

- Nick Boerema, CEO, TapEffect

The partnership supports our global commitment to safeguard shared water resources in high-risk areas.


WATCH: 'Interview with Villagers Before Putting Water on Tap in the Community'

Cambrew published the first episode of the Tap Water Documentary in Pursat Province where located in the western part of Cambodia – In this film, local villagers and the Commune Chief have shared their problems with clean water scarcity, water source limitation, health and well-being issues, as well as their dream fulfilled of having access clean water for their livelihood.

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