Cambrew CleanUp Movement Under The Theme "Clean & Green Cambodia"

Cambrew Ltd together with National Committee of Clean City Assessment organized a Cleanup Day Movement Towards ‘Clean & Green Cambodia’ at Sihanoukville’

Sihanoukville on 10th July 2022: Cambrew Ltd together with the National Committee of Clean City Assessment, the Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Environment, Sihanoukville Provincial Hall, and Union Youth Federation has conducted a Clean-Up Day initiative, under the theme “Clean & Green Cambodia”, at Tom Num Rolok community, in Sihanoukville.

The event has been respectively presided over by H.E Long Dimanche, Deputy Governor of Preah Sihanouk, Mr. Bruce Kidner, Acting Managing Director & Vice President Finance of Cambrew Ltd, and H.E Hout Rithy, Deputy Secretary-General of the National Committee for Clean City Assessment, Ministry of Tourism.

The movement aims to celebrate the National Beach Clean Up Day and to demonstrate & raise public awareness of environmental protection as well as encourage more public participation in environmental actions toward a clean beach and contributing to a better environment.

On this occasion, Mr. Bruce Kidner expressed his sincere appreciation for being a part of this initiative. To quote his speech: “At Cambrew, we are very happy to be part of this movement. As a way to improve the management of waste from day-to-day disposal and help to lead the way in changing people's mindset to positive disposal”. He added that “In this sense, it reflects our unity on the environmental agenda; all of us may have different schedules and obligations but share the same responsibility to contribute to a better society”. He believes that the involvement from all of us to environmental concerns can help make a positive difference today & tomorrow, big and small.

Long Dimanche, Deputy Governor of Preah Sihanouk, said that “we are required to pay close attention to the aspects of the visibility, environment, cleanliness, security, safety, development, and city`s management to provide comfort and satisfaction to the citizens and the tourists in Sihanoukville.”. “In order to achieve the goal and objective, we have to focus on and remain a good corporation from all relevant stakeholders including the business owners, tourism services, citizens, specifically young generation in leading to contribute to the implementation and dissemination to relatives, family, and society widely.”, he added.

Hout Rithy, Deputy Secretary-General of the National Committee for Clean City Assessment, Ministry of Tourism remarked that the “Clean and Green Cambodia” campaign is organized to raise awareness about the need to keep the beaches clean in attracting national and international tourists as well as to get ready for Cambodia to host the SEA festival and the most beautiful beach in the world in the upcoming December.”. He also mentioned that “the public participation, private sector, development partners, and citizens are very important in demonstrating to make the Beach and Cambodia clean.”.

Cambrew confirmed that under collaboration with involved partners, the cleanup initiative has been planned to conduct twice in 2022, the second one taking place in Phnom Penh in September which aims to also celebrate World Clean Up Day.

As one of the leading manufacturers in Cambodia, Cambrew is committed to operating in a responsible & sustainable way and will continue to contribute for a better today & tomorrow.